Here’s how to make Facebook stop dragging up memories of your ex

All of us who have gone through nasty breakups over the past year totally appreciated Facebook’s feature that allows you to “take a break” from your ex by hiding their posts. However, another feature doesn’t work quiiiite so well: the “On This Date” feature, which shows you a random post or photograph from years ago on that day. (Yeah, I def don’t wanna be reminded of my first date with that guy who later shattered my heart into a million pieces.) Luckily, there’s a way to stop the platform from dragging up some not-so-fond memories.

Thanks to Digital Spy, we’ve been alerted of a way to change Facebook’s “On This Day” feature so it leaves some of those memories in the past where they belong — while still letting you see the lovely memories you actually *want* to see.

First, go to the “Apps” section on the lefthand side after having logged in. Then, click “On This Day.” From there, you can choose to turn off notifications entirely in the top-right corner.


But if you’d rather edit certain memories rather than get rid of them altogether, you can click “Preferences” (also in the top-right corner) and choose certain dates or people to hide.


It’s actually really easy and you’ll never have to log into Facebook and be greeted with an uncomfortable photo ever again. That drama-filled date with your insecure ex can stay in the past — where it belongs.

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