The new Facebook feature will forever change the way you watch video

Facebook, which feels less like a fixed website and more like an ever-evolving beast that changes just as you get the hang of it, just announced their latest tweak. The site will now allow users to watch videos in 360-degrees, or from any angle we wish. Not quite sure what that actually means? Don’t worry. We’ve got the lowdown.

Essentially the change means you can choose what angle you want to see in select videos. In order to create the videos, multiple shots from specialty cameras have to be stitched together, so it won’t be available on all videos. But let’s say you want to watch the new Star Wars trailers and be right next to the action, or behind it. You can now do that by moving your phone around or using your finger if you’re on a mobile device, or dragging your cursor on the web to shift focus.

Along with the exclusive immersive content Facebook and Star Wars will be sharing, GoPro, Discovery, VICE, and SNL are also going to be using the 360-degree option. Anyone else excited to see what kind of stuff Discovery shares? So many new angles for Shark Week!

The effect is more virtual reality and less 3-D, and it takes 16 different cameras to get the final product. Although it’s currently only available for web and Android, iOS users should have the perk in the coming months.

(Image via Facebook)

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