Face Swap Live is our newest app obsession

If you’re the proud new owner of an App Store gift card (thanks to that one person who didn’t know what else to gift you), then you’re in luck! Because there just so happens to be an app you have to try.

Face Swap Live is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an app that allows you to swap faces with someone – but it does so in real-time! With this new software, you no longer have to wait for your features to be shifted on to someone else’s face (or vice versa). You simply fit both yourself and a friend in your smartphone’s camera frame and – ta-daa! – you’re transposed before your very eyes! I mean, really, who has the time to sit and wait for such a thing?

Within the app, you can also swap faces with a celebrity using photos you find on the Internet. And did we mention that you can record videos while your faces are swapped? (The possibilities are endless!)

Now that our curiosity has gotten the best of us, we thought we’d give this app a try. Here goes nothing…

My sister was my first victim volunteer:

My brother did not heed my sister’s warnings:

With the last two photos being the work of nightmares, I needed something to make me feel better:

…and we’re back to all things horrifying:

This is my “powerful, yet approachable” face:

How I look on the weekends:

Huh. I feel like this one is, oddly enough, the least terrifying of the bunch:

I also did some face swaps with celebrities, but I thought I’d spare you all and instead send them to anyone who’s writing a horror movie script.

The verdict: Face Swap Live is mostly fun, a tad bit terrifying, and can potentially be scarring if you try it out with your loved ones.

[Images via author via Face Swap Live]

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