This site converted my selfie into a trippy, bizarre song

Selfies are like a virtual fingerprint; everybody’s are different. However, thanks to a website called Face Melody from the skincare company IPSA, it turns out they *sound* different as well. Face Melody takes a selfie, analyzes it, and assigns it a specific melody based on smile level, balance, color, and brightness.

I decided to give it a try (despite the fact most of the web site is written in Japanese) and it’s pretty freaky. First, I picked a selfie and uploaded it to the site. Then, it got to work analyzing my smile. Somehow it determined I looked pretty happy.


Face Melody looked at the balance of my face, and assigned me Type D (whatever that means).


Then it assessed my color by blending together all the hues in the photo into a somewhat terrifying shapeless blob.


The last step was brightness, which I still don’t understand, but I got 57, which sounds nice!


Finally, the real fun happens: you plug in your headphones and listen. Your Face Melody song is a combination of different beats and synths depending on the results of your selfie analysis and mine was fairly bubbly and pleasant. I can’t share it here, but I did GIF some of the trippy waves that play during the song.


Unfortunately, the song of my selfie (ha, ha) wasn’t entirely memorable. After I made my song, I asked if my editor Jessica Wakeman would give it a try. While it was fun to see how the website analyzed a different face, her song didn’t end up sounding that much different.

Still, that doesn’t mean Face Melody isn’t fascinating.  One thing’s for sure: you’ve never seen (or, I guess, heard) yourself like this before. Who knows what else is hiding behind our selfies?