18 thoughts you have while wearing a sheet mask

1. Alright, let’s see what this “crushed pearl“/”caviar“/”horse oil” stuff is made of.


2. Should’ve “washed” my face with warmer water before I put this on because it is COLD.


3. I’ll grab a blanket right after I finally match my eyes with the eye holes.


4. Shoot, I got some of this in my mouth. Is that bad for you?


5. Mm, I can feel all of my pores… opening up? Is that right?


6. WHY DID I LOOK AT MYSELF IN THE MIRROR. This is some Silence of the Lambs shit.


7. Okay, I need to leave the bathroom to get my blanket. Fingers crossed no one else is home.


8. Just sneaking through the hallway wearing a slogan tank top, period sweatpants, and a creepy serial killer face cover.


9. This is pretty pleasant, I should do one of these every single day.


10. Really quickly gonna Google “side effects of sheet masks.”


11. Just tidying around the house wearing a sheet mask, really living the #blessed #skincare life.


12. I’m gonna spend this time catching up on New Yorker articles. *scrolls through five months of Instagram updates


13. My face actually does feel, like, tingly? In a good way? Is this what being hydrated feels like?


14. Time to buy 50 of these and do them every single day. I’m gonna have skin that glows I say GLOWS.


15. Peeling this off, and if I didn’t feel creepy before, I sure do now.


16. Okay, now time to squish around this goopy leftover stuff.

17. BRB, never touching my face again, it is pristine and so am I.


18. So, did this… work? TBH, does that even really matter?


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