This woman used eyelash glue to fix her broken teeth, and yeah, that’s definitely a bad idea

Prepare to shudder, because an Australian publicist admitted that she used a $9 eyelash glue to fix her teeth. We’re not joking. The Daily Mail reports that Roxy Jacenko, a well known PR maven in Sydney, used the popular Duo eyelash glue to temporarily fix her two front teeth after she slipped on the bathroom floor four months ago. Wild, right? Well, there’s more to the story and it gets even more cringe-worthy (and unsanitary).

While most of us would call every dentist available in our area or cry our eyes out if this happened, Jacenko took a different approach when it came to quickly fixing her broken teeth. The publicist spoke to the Daily Mail Australia and revealed that she borrowed a makeup artist’s Duo eyelash glue.

"Omg, can you imagine, adhering your teeth with DUO eyelash glue borrowed from the person doing your makeup ahead of a fashion week show yesterday — it was funny!" she said.


And while she jokingly said, “who knew how multipurpose good old eyelash glue actually was,” using her quick fix method can be really damaging and dangerous for your teeth. We asked RealSelf Contributor and celebrity dentist Dr. Victoria Veytsman about what could happen to a person who fixes their teeth with eyelash glue. Veytsman told HelloGiggles:

"Using anything other than a product intended for your teeth can be damaging to the tooth, but also to the restoration (crown or veneer) that has popped off. Not to mention these things can contain ingredients that are toxic for ingestion... "If a veneer or crown or part of your tooth pops out, there is a chance we can salvage it. Using these products really diminishes those chances though. Call your dentist immediately for treatment— that is always the best thing to do. In the event this is absolutely not possible, we have recommended ADA-approved dental products (temporary cements) sold at local drugstores for temporary adhesion."

You can find temporary fillings and cements at stores like Walgreens, in case you’re wondering. As far as Janecko’s story goes, we’re happy to report that she did see a dentist to get her front teeth properly fixed. In a recent Instagram post, the publicist wrote, “I will no longer be adhering my teeth with eyelash glue.” Phew.

Based on a recent Instastory, she has finished her treatment.


It’s a good thing Jacenko went to a professional because, as Veytsman tells HelloGiggles, “Bottom line — consult with your dentist before doing anything.”


While we do give credit to Jacenko for thinking on her feet when it came to fixing her teeth (she does work in the public eye after all), it’s best to call a dentist, and leave the eyelash glue, well, for your fake eyelashes.

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