I put eyelash extensions through The Sad Girl Test

Even though I think eyelash extensions are maybe the most luxurious beauty trend ever, I’ve always been nervous to try them because of my RCS (Regular Crying Sessions). Does salt water cause the lashes to fall off faster? Would all the sobbing make them flip over into my eyes and scratch my corneas?!

For the sake of Sad Girls everywhere, I decided to find out: Can you be glamorous and sad at the same time?

I visited GBY Beauty, a salon run by some of the coolest chicks in Los Angeles, to get a set of beautiful lash extensions glued to my stubby natural ones. Co-founder/boss lady Courtney Casgraux applied dozens of teeny whisps to my eyelids and recommended running a clean mascara spoolie through the lashes after a cry sesh. I was grateful for this advice, especially when I noticed extensions tend to tangle when wet.


Over the next three weeks, my eyelash extensions brought me so much joy. I loved how awake and Disney-princessy my eyes looked, even without my usual 18 coats of mascara. I pretty much stopped using eyeliner, which shaves about two hours off of my morning routine and significantly lowered my blood pressure. I appeared on camera with no makeup on for the first time in years – those extensions gave me con. fi. dence!

And – here’s the best part – crying did not ruin them. Courtney warned me not to get the extensions wet for 24 hours after the application, but unfortunately, I didn’t make it even two hours. A video of a small dog wearing a life jacket and “swimming” through the air caught me by surprise and I couldn’t keep the waterworks off. Only a few straggler lashes fell off, but my eyes still looked like they were going to the Oscars.


I continued crying as much as I normally do: during my daily shower, before and after exercising, and any time I remembered I will probably outlive my cat (oh no, here I go again). It took two weeks for me to notice a significant thinning in the lashes, and over three weeks for me to get tempted to pay for a fill.

It turns out, you can be glamorous and depressed at the same time.

And I think that’s pretty exciting. Don’t you?

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