This just in: There’s an eyelash clock that’s really weird, but also really soothing?

It’s meditative, and also a little unnerving. It’s technologically advanced, yet also simple. It’s an eyelash clock by multidisciplinary artist Bina Baitel, and one thing’s for sure: This conceptual work is sure to have you questioning your relationship with time — and how you’re using and/or wasting it.

The eerie and innovative art piece is not for sale (probably for the best, since we imagine this thing might haunt our dreams), but it will be on display at the Centre d’Innovation et de design au Grand Hornu in Belgium as part of the gallery’s “L’Eloge de l’heure” (“Telling Time”) exhibit from January 22nd to April 30th this year. So be sure to pop by for an otherworldly experience if you find yourself across the pond.

Take a look at the clock in action, below.

Meditative and creepy, right?

You can also learn more about how the clock works in this video.

The cool thing about this clock — and what gives it that soothing quality — is its total lack of numbers or hands, almost a rejection of the structure of time.

"It ignores the stressful codes we are used to when facing the passing of time," writes Baitel of the project. "Numbers, clock hands, and ticking sounds disappear, allowing us to contemplate time instead of enduring it."

And oh yeah, did we mention there’s a tie-dye version.


Yeah. That exists. Suffice to say we wouldn’t be mad if someone sent us on a very serious reporting trip to Belgium in the next couple of weeks…