So…eyebrow extensions are apparently a thing now

Right or wrong, we all have things that make us feel self conscious about our appearance and, for some people, that’s having super-thin eyebrows. Enter eyebrow extensions. Just like hair extensions that get glued to your noggin or eyelash extensions that get glued on your eyelids, eyebrow extensions are attached to your face by skin-safe glue. A technician sticks each hair on individually – a process that can take almost three hours.

Since this kind of precision obviously requires a crazy amount of skill, eyebrow extensions can cost anywhere between $75 to $350. According to BuzzFeed Life and Umbreen Sheikh, founder and CEO of NYC-based brow bar Wink, these new, fuller, more luscious eyebrows last up to three weeks, depending on how much you sweat, apply makeup, or wash your face.

Sounds kind of … hard. But the results are fleekishly amazing.

While some fans of the eyebrow extension are only interested in filling out their pre-existing shape, other customers are people who suffer hair loss due to alopecia, chemotherapy, and anxiety disorders.

Big, bold eyebrows have been getting more and more popular. As someone who has invested in an at-home waxing kit because her eyebrows grow so quickly, I really hope uni-brows are in next.

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