This eye opening image compares the “Sex and the City” and the “Girls” apartments

So many young women have visions of moving to the big city to pursue their dreams somewhere like New York City where the streets always seem to be bustling.

For a lot of us who dream of living in the Big Apple, the inspiration comes from watching our favorite characters on TV and all the glamorous and sometimes super weird things that happen to them thanks to where they live.


Like Carrie Bradshaw and the other ladies from Sex and the City who made me first fall in love with the idea of living in Manhattan and the Upper East Side.

They have the coolest jobs, meet the most awesome people and their apartments are pretty incredible, too.


Bradshaw had the best closet to keep all her fabulous shoes and chic clothes perfectly tidy. She had the best spot for her desk where she would write her words that kept her income flowing to stay in the big city.

Oh, and she had a bigger bed than I do now, which is amazing for a one-bedroom apartment.

Then, years later, I fell in love with the big city all over again when I discovered another HBO show Girls — it’s super similar to SATC except for one super glaring difference: these ladies didn’t have those kick-butt apartments.

One of lead characters of the show, Marnie Michaels, has always struck me as being on-par with the glitz and glamour of Carrie Bradshaw or maybe closer to Charlotte.

She likes the finer thing in life, too, so why is her pad so different from the SATC queens when we see it on the show?


According to New York Times, Marnie’s fictional apartment is only about 20 minutes away from Bradshaw’s fictional pad… but when Allison Williams, who plays Marnie on Girls, shared this image comparing the floor plan of both New York ladies’ apartments, it became totally clear why one always felt bigger.

Because Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is WAY bigger!


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