Put on this eye mask and take a cat nap

I’m so jealous of cats. All they get to do is eat and sleep. And of course, give us humans the side-eye. When it’s time to take a (cat) nap yourself, you can pretend you’re a kitty with this playful eye mask from Catbird. Made of black satin with a polkadot cotton lining, this sleeping mask will be purr-fect for any time you need to catch some much-needed z’s. Imagine how cute you’ll look sleeping on a flight!

Did you know that sleep masks are also good for your health? Studies have shown that people who wear masks and earplugs during sleep have higher levels of melatonin, which is the hormone that not only helps regulate slumber, but also provides antioxidants and helps with muscle growth. You’ll not only look adorable during your snooze, you’re also contributing to good health! Who knew?!

Cat eye mask, $24