Your eye makeup is going to be next level with this spiral liner trend

There’s a new liquid eyeliner trend taking over Instagram, and according to Cosmopolitan UK, it involves a spiralized, ribbon-like design. Chances are, you’ll have either one of two immediate reactions upon seeing this magical makeup:

Reaction 1: “WOW! This is totally cool”

“Maybe I can get the look with a tiny brush dipped into a cream liner, but if it gets smudgy I’ll splurge on a neon liquid liner. Why not? This looks cool, can’t wait to give it a try!”

Reaction 2: “WOW! This is totally cool, but uhhh…

“…I JUST got the hang of regular winged eyeliner! How am I supposed to pull off this mystical, twisted, master class, certified makeup artist-lookin’ liner?”

In case you fall into the reaction #2 category, check out this breakdown.

This one makes it look super easy…

Still intimidated? Here are a few simpler (but still TURNT) liner looks to try.

How about a simple double liner?

Need something even simpler? How about a trio of dots under your brow?[/subheader]

Add a matching shade in your tear duct for a look thats trendy and polished.

Here’s an even easier liner look that’s still a step above the average.

Just use a bit of colored liner underneath your flick only. Simple, right? Worst case scenario you can fix any imperfections with a little concealer.

Happy eyelinering!


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