5 things you’ll only understand if you’re the only extrovert in your family

Being an extrovert can often lead someone toward amazing opportunities, cool people, and a fun time no matter the situation. But being the only extrovert in your family can prove to be less fun and more difficult at times. If your outgoing self has been born into a family of introverts, the following situations might be painfully relatable.

According to psychologist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, extroversion (or as he originally spelled it, extraversion), "is characterized by interest in the external object, responsiveness, and a ready acceptance of external happenings, a desire to influence and be influenced by events, a need to join in."

By Jung’s definition, being extroverted means to enjoy being a part of the surrounding world, social situations, and being paid attention to. Compared to introverts who enjoy smaller social surroundings or being alone, extroverts love being around people and crave connection — whether that be with someone they hold dear or with a new friend.

So,if you have found yourself, an extrovert, surrounded by your introverted family members, you’ve probably found yourself in at least one of the following situations. Remember, your introverted family still loves you even though sometimes they need to take a few steps away from you to regain their energy.

1. It’s hard to gather everyone together for “family time.”

You’re always up for playing an after-dinner game or sharing some good conversation over another glass of wine before bed. But your family prefers to go to their respective rooms to decompress from the day. It’s not your fault that you just want to keep the good times rolling.

2. You sometimes thrive on those political arguments at the family dinner table.

You are unafraid to share your opinion (even if you don’t necessarily have one). And it’s often up to you to initiate and lead the debate altogether, because the rest of your family would rather remain mum on the topic. But sometimes, if you’re the only extrovert at the table, this means your fight might be yours alone if no one else wants to speak up. Boo!

3. You’ve been told to “calm down” more than a few times.

You like to do things, you like to have plans, and you like to be engaged in active conversation — and yeah, if you can have all three of those things at once, that’s ideal. When the family is not on board to get any kind of ball rolling, they often tell you to take a seat and chill for a minute. Honestly, your family doesn’t know how hard it is for you to do that.

4. You’re always ready to talk about feelings.

Extroverts are the go-to family members when it comes to talking things over. You want to be the one who your family members come to when they need to talk through a situation with you. Like introverts, you also love an emotional connection and will always do your best to empathize. Whenever anyone is ready to get something off their chest, they know who to come to.

5. Yes, you do like to be the center of attention. But hey, no one else is stepping up to the plate, so…

Being the only extrovert means that you often find yourself in the spotlight. It’s simply not your fault. If anyone else wanted to hop onto center stage with you, you’d be thrilled. But until then, you’re fine with carrying the burden that is all that attention.

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