Someone invented an extremely polite car horn that will change the way we experience traffic

Car horns are an essential part of driving – alerting other drivers of danger helps keep others safe on the road – but the sound of car horns is hardly pleasant.

That’s why a former NASA engineer created a car horn with nicer, more constructive sounds than the typical loud and angry blare. According to the horn’s creator Mark Rober, these horns will increase “car-horn vocabulary” and make our roads more pleasant to drive.

"The standard horn is very one-dimensional and doesn't give other drivers context as to why you're honking at them," Rober said in a YouTube video.

Rober is engineering a horn that will make specific sounds to help drivers understand why you’re honking. For example, the high-pitched “courtesy honk” will let the car in front of you know the light is green without coming off as rude or angry. Other sounds include a soft noise to alert pedestrians and a crazy-loud “train” horn.

Rober says the loudest horn setting – which is sure to scare others on the road – is meant for emergencies and should only be used when necessary, say, when “two teenagers are taking their sweet time crossing the road in front of you while fidget spinning.”

Add this to the list of things we never knew we needed.