This is probably the world’s most extreme pizza delivery

Can you image living somewhere that doesn’t get pizza delivery? For residents of places like Saba and St. Eustatius, and Caribbean islands that boarder the coast of St. Maarten, that’s the case. But no more. After an April Fool’s joke involving a fake helicopter pizza delivery left stomachs grumbling, the Domino’s at St. Maarten airport decided to start offering delivery via plane for only $2.75 extra.

This philanthropic Domino’s location teamed up with the airline Winair, keeping costs so low by simply hopping aboard existing flights, which range from 15 to 20 minutes in total travel time, and having customers pick up their order at the airport. The only drawback is that delicious pizza smell wafting around the aircraft while other passengers are stuck with peanuts.

According to Audrey Agard, a manager at the St. Maarten Domino’s, the service has been slowly rising in popularity since its launch earlier in the month. They get several delivery requests a day, along with their regular airport customers.

Winair is thrilled with the reception garnered by this service, with President and CEO Michael Cleaver writing, “Partnering with a company with a stature like Domino’s is not only desirable for WINAIR, but moreover an additional service we can offer the residents of the surrounding Islands.”

John Caputo, the local Franchisee for Domino’s, added, “Domino’s Mission Statement is to be the number one pizza delivery company in the world…and in every neighborhood. With this partnership, we are taking [this] mission…to new heights.” Literally. Check out this video of their service in action:

For us on the mainland, we’re still stuck with boring old car delivery to get our cheesy fix. But hey, any pizza is good pizza, amirite?

(Image via iStockPhoto.)