Stop EVERYTHING: Here’s an extended version of the first scene from Marvel’s “Luke Cage!”

It seems like the Marvel Universe keeps expanding its borders with each passing television cycle. With the help of Netflix, so many superhuman characters have gotten their time to shine on the screen — from Jessica Jones all the way to Daredevil. Lucky for us, another show is on the way and an extended version of the first scene from it is available for your viewing pleasure.  

Fan of Luke Cage rejoice!

For those who are just getting to learning about Luke Cage, he is one of the most popular “street level” superhuman characters. As with all great heroes, his journey started with an accident that gave him super strength and left his skin impervious to bullets. Those are all the ingredients needed for an amazing character right there.


If you’re wondering who the incredibly hot lead is — it’s Mike Colter.

It only seems fitting that he would get his own spin-off show. Lucky for us, Netflix will let us binge watch his performance without shame or judgement. So the real question becomes — are any of us ready for Luke Cage?

Well, if the rest of the show is like the above clip, the answer is *Oh yes.*

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