Someone made an exploding zit nail tutorial, and it’s pretty impressive but we feel kind of sick

As you may know, people seem to love videos about popping pimples and zits. Now, another one is taking over the interwebs. Someone made an exploding zit nail tutorial. TBH, it’s pretty impressive — but we feel kind of sick watching. The saving grace? It is Halloween season, so ‘tis the time for getting grossed out.

The video was created by Natasha Lee, who takes the viewer through the process step-by-step. The key is remembering that it’s nail art — so it’s not as bad as watching actual pimple-popping videos.

On YouTube, Natasha Lee explained what inspired the nail tutorial.

“It started with Dr Pimple Popper Sandra Lee showing videos of spots being squeezed, then there were pimple cakes, so let's go grossly full circle and do some DIY Halloween Exploding Pimple Nails! As realistic [as] these spot sfx nails look, I can promise you that it's just another nail art tutorial using all nail products including nail polish and banana hand cream!

You can check out the video here.

OK, it definitely sounded way worse than it was to view, right? What did viewers think?

Comments ran the gamut from loving it to, well, not.

“Now i am soo excited for the HALLOWEEN ? LOVE YA ???? NATASHA,” wrote fan Ophrah Andrew.

“Ewwww disgusting!!!” added TheEmanueleCastelli9. “Awesome job ??”

Actually, it seemed that a LOT of people were into the video. JamsThisIsVeryNoFun was one of them: “Is this disgusting or just genius? Okay. Just genius.”

Of course, we prefer the fake zit-popping, i.e., this video, to the real thing, so we’re still glad this is just nail art (read: breathing a huge sigh of relief).

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