Umm, an iPhone 7 is exploding in this video, and Apple is “looking into it”

Back in 2016 when we said we wanted the hottest phone on the market, this…is not what we meant. Reports (and personal videos!) show that there have been instances of the very popular iPhone 7 appearing to explode, and Apple is “looking into it.” We guess that’s comforting, seeing as the object we hold to our heads for sometimes hours a day should probably not, you know, erupt into flames.

This headline may sound slightly familiar, as Samsung went under fire (oops) for a similar defect in its Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year. As Cnet mentions, “After 35 reported incidents of overheating smartphones worldwide, Samsung made the unprecedented decision to recall every single one of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones sold.” Could you imagine the insanity that would be a mass iPhone recall? Think about the lines at Verizon?! Let’s hope it never comes to this.

We always knew owning a rose gold phone was straight fire — but this not what we had in mind.

Watch this phone start smoking in front of your very eyes (caution: NSFW language): false

WTF, indeed. The curling edges and blackened corners of this burning phone are enough to have us chasing down our nearest fire extinguishers and taking a lot more calls on speaker.

This isn’t the first instance of a smoking iPhone, and if we look to Instagram (we all know we’d ‘gram it if it happened to us) we can find some more, easy:

RIP that cute case! And as per the caption, who doesn’t charge their phones overnight? Everyone knows your charger goes on your bedside table…

And then there’s the case of the exploding battery, which does get hot enough during a full charge to send up at least a small red flag. According to,

So unplug those babies when they’re at full charge (maybe the overnight plug-in is something to reevaluate), and avoid dropping your phones as much as you can. If you do drop it and see damage, immediately bring it to your nearest phone servicing location for an eval. Don’t let this happen to you, people. Your hair is way too pretty to get singed by your dang phone.

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