Tell-tale signs your makeup has expired that you probably didn’t notice

Makeup rarely has expiration dates listed on the bottles and all products recommended shelf lives are completely different. So how are you supposed to know when to toss your makeup? Well, if it smells/looks like/turns into one of these things, that’s when you need to toss it.



Does it smell like alcohol, or just smell straight up bad? Time to throw it out. Also, if you recently had a cold sore outbreak, toss any lip products you might have used during or right before the outbreak.



It will smell like gasoline when it’s gone bad. Play it safe and buy new mascara every three months.

Liquid foundation and concealer


If the color changes (especially if it becomes more orange) or the color is separated from the water in the formula, it’s time to toss it.



If the powder smells, has a grey film on top, or is flaking…it’s gone bad.

Pencil eyeliner


If your eyeliner smells, the color has faded or changed, or it’s harder to apply and doesn’t glide on smooth anymore, toss it.

Liquid or gel eyeliner


Is your liquid eyeliner clumpy or drier than it used to be? Say buh bye!



If it smells different than when you bought it, or smells like sweet alcohol, time to toss!

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