Here’s what experts are predicting the new “Ghostbusters” movie will make

After much anticipation, the all-female Ghostbusters movie has finally hit the big screen, but will it break the box office this weekend?

In its debut last night, the film grossed an estimated $17.2 million from just under 4,000 locations, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Experts anticipate that the film will rake in $44 million this weekend, ultimately coming up short to The Secret Life of Pets, which is projected to make $50 million.

The film has been shrouded in controversy in the build to its release due to the decision to exclusively cast females for the roles of the original all-male Ghostbusters crew. Though this has, for better or worse, ultimately helped drive buzz around the film, it was produced on a lofty $144 million budget, which means the movie will need to pick up steam to account for costs.

Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones comprise the star-studded team, and they have already received positive reviews for their refreshed portrayal of the 1980s classic. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, it currently has 73 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, which bodes well for director Paul Feig, a frequent collaborator with McCarthy. The two have worked together previously on Bridesmaids, The Heat and Spy.

Regardless of the money, the film has already made a powerful statement in empowering women, despite the rampant sexism the movie has been up against. A photo from the premiere has gone viral, showing two young girls looking at Wiig with adoration from the red carpet.

We hope that this means we’ll continue to see more re-imagined films from the days of yore led by leading ladies.

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