Experience all the feels of kindergarten all over again with this video

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten? Yeah…we don’t remember ours either. But if you’re super lucky, your first official day of school may have looked a little something like Adrianna’s at Craig Elementary School in Parkway School District in St. Louis, Missouri. Adrianna wore a Go Pro on her special day, and the resulting video is a misty-eyed trip down memory lane. You can watch the full video for yourself below, but here are some of the adorable, aww-worthy highlights.

First of all, we love how pumped Adrianna is about school. “Today is Wednesday! It’s the first day of kindergarten! Woo hooooooo!” Such excitement. Such optimism. Gosh, wouldn’t it be great to wake up like this every day?

And major props to Adrianna for riding the bus so early on in her school career. I’m pretty sure I was terrified to ride a school bus until midway through elementary school. (I’m wimpy like that.) Adrianna, however, has no such qualms. As the bus rounds the corner, she literally screams, “The buuuuuussssss!” It’s all kinds of adorable — as are the camera-wielding parents who have turned out in droves at the bus stop to document the first school bus ride for their little ones.

Side note: These same parents pop up later at school, so I can only imagine they actually followed the school bus for its entire ride. Too cute (and not at all stalker-like, which it might be if this were high school).

Adrianna’s bestie is ready for her and, despite the fact that the entire bus is empty, has saved her a seat. Awww. But the awesome has only begun. When they get to school, giant bubbles are floating around everywhere. When did bubbles become a first day of school thing? Because amazing.

The principal is there to greet everyone with high fives and a stylin’ bow tie. There are puppy backpacks and smiles, cubbies and crayons. With Taylor Swift’s Never Grow Up as the accompanying track, this video is giving us ALL the feels.

Have a great school year, Adrianna! You’ve got this.

(Image and video via Parkway School District on YouTube.)

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