11 Valentine’s Day Experience Gifts to Inspire More Quality Time with Your Boo

From board games to paint and sip classes.

Is there any gift better than the gift of your time? Okay, we’ve heard the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but we think time spent enjoying the company of our real-life best friend—aka, our partner—is more rewarding than something sparkly. So, this Valentine’s Day, give your S.O. a gift that inspires more quality time together and reap the benefits of a bonding experience.

If you or your partner’s love language is quality time, then you’ll be so down for these ideas. From at-home date nights that spice up the norm to indulging in some pampering or a change of scenery, these experience gifts are all about encouraging more undistracted time between you and your boo. Below, find 11 experience gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, and you might just win “most thoughtful present” this year.

1. Meal delivery service

Cooking with your partner is not only fun and romantic, but it builds teamwork skills, too. Gift your boo with a couple of months’ worth of a meal subscription service so you can whip up yummy dishes in the kitchen, then sit down and enjoy a home-cooked meal together. There are tons of cooking subscription boxes to choose from, each with different price points and features. Try Blue ApronGreen Chef, or Freshly.

Blue Apron cooking subscription service

Blue Apron Meals

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2. Cocktail kit subscription

If you don’t feel like throwing on a chef’s hat, channel your inner bartender instead. Cocktail kit subscriptions are a super fun way to spice up at-home date nights. You’ll receive a kit complete with a recipe and ingredients so you can shake up a delicious new drink with your boo. Then, enjoy sipping on one (or two or three) drinks, getting a little buzzed, and enjoying each other’s company. Great options include Shaker & Spoon, Cocktail Courier, and Crafted Taste.

If wine is more your taste as a couple, choose between brands like FirstleafWinc, and Wine of the Month Club, for wine subscriptions, which each differ in frequency and pricing.

shaker and spoon cocktail box subscription

Shaker and Spoon Subscription

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3. MasterClass

If you’re like us and have yet to learn a new skill during quarantine (does baking banana bread count?), book a MasterClass for you and your boo to take together. Whether you’re interested in learning a new language, an instrument, or diving into a new subject, book a class you’ll both enjoy. After the class, you’ll have tons to talk about, and it might lead to more exploration as a couple.

4. Staycation

“Depending on the Covid restrictions in your area, a night at an Airbnb or B&B is a great gift to encourage one-on-one time without the distractions of life,” Rachel DeAlto, chief dating expert of Match explains. With all this extra time at home, a change of scenery can do wonders for your overall mood—and spicing up your relationship, too. Surprise your partner by booking an Airbnb or hotel room for a night and indulge in all it has to offer: room service, bath tubs, robes—it’s sure to be a night to remember.

5. Paint and sip class

Valentine's Day experience gift ideas

Paint and sip classes are such a fun date night idea—there’s something sexy about getting your creative juices flowing, and not taking yourself too seriously. Unfortunately, an in-person class might be off the table in your city, so opt for a virtual one instead. Or, create your own at-home experience by purchasing the painting supplies, wine, and taking the canvas wherever your brush leads you. Your partner will love the creativity behind this gift.

6. Couples spa gift certificate

We all deserve some extra pampering nowadays, so show your partner you see how hard they work and spoil them with a couples spa day (if COVID restrictions allow). Couples massage, anyone? If it’s not safe to visit a spa in your city, create one at home and treat your boo to a massage, facial, and pedicure—the works.

“It might seem cliche, but a couples massage is always something people love to be treated to,” matchmaker and CEO of Exclusive Matchmaking Susan Trombetti tells HelloGiggles. “A gift like this forces you to relax because you have to put away the phones and concentrate on nothing but each other. It’s very bonding and romantic due to the candles and lights that are down low—along with the intoxicating smell of the aromatherapy in the room.”

7. An indoor or outdoor garden

“I find gardening to be so bonding because you can create something beautiful that grows every day,” Trombetti says. “Plus, it helps you both to create something that comes back every year. You can put together a wonderful space you can retreat to as a couple with a beer or a glass of wine to unwind as a couple amidst beauty you both created.”

If you don’t have the outdoor space for a garden, there are smaller indoor options like herb gardens that are still enjoyable to tend to together. If a full garden sounds intimidating, opt for a houseplant subscription for a new plant to nurture each month.

Valentine's Day experience gift ideas

Succulents Monthly Subscription

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8. Two copies of the same book

For the book-lover out there, choose one book and buy two copies, so you and your partner can read it at the same time and dish on all the details. Just don’t skip ahead, if you know what’s good for you. If you’re looking to stir up some, ahem, desires, choose books similar to Bridgerton or Fifty Shades of Grey.

Bridgerton book Valentine's Day gift ideas

'Bridgerton The Duke and I'

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9. Escape room

Escape rooms are not your average date night. You and your boo can transform into spies for the night and work together to solve the mystery of how to escape the room. If in-person venues aren’t open in your area, opt for surprising your partner by booking a virtual version at home.”Doing a virtual escape room allows you and your partner to really test your limits and work together to solve the puzzle of getting out of the room,” Maria Sullivan, dating expert and VP of Dating.com tells HelloGiggles. “This is a fun activity that definitely takes teamwork.”

10. Board games

One of the best parts of quarantine was the revival of old-fashioned pastimes like board games. Rummikub, Sequence, Code Names—old-school board games returned with a vengeance, and we’re here for it. Opt for some friendly or flirty competition with your partner by playing a board game on Valentine’s Day and during future at-home date nights.

valentine's day gift ideas rummikub


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11. Puzzles

There’s no denying that puzzles take a long time to complete—so what better way to lock in time with your partner than by working on a jigsaw puzzle together? To amp up the thoughtfulness factor, choose a puzzle that has sentimental value, like an image from one of your favorite vacation spots together or a favorite piece of art. Create personalized puzzles here.

Valentine's Day gift ideas puzzles

Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh Jigsaw Puzzle

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