These Exfoliating Washcloths Slough Off Tons of Dead Skin and Make Your Skin Feel as Smooth as a Dolphin’s

They've blown up on TikTok.

TikTok’s latest hashtag, #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt, is the newest viral video trend (with a whopping 508 million views) that’s influenced me to purchase a few (or *cough* 20) things I didn’t know I needed, like a foam mousse that sucks dirt out of your skin. This week, TikTok influenced me to buy a set of eight exfoliating washcloths that have exploded over the social media platform.

Exfoliating washcloths are exactly what they sound like: washcloths that physically exfoliate your skin. People on TikTok are showing off little piles of dead skin that shed off their bodies after just a minute of scrubbing. It’s so satisfying to watch! These cloths are ideal for manual exfoliation, since they’re made from 100% viscose and essentially act like sandpaper to slough off any superficial dead skin cells, which in turn can help even out skin tone and leave you with smooth skin.

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When you order these cloths from Amazon, they come in two different shades: green, which are mild, and red, which are rough. Depending on how sensitive your skin is, it’s best to start with the green washcloths and only scrub yourself down two to three times a month. “Any more could lead to extreme dryness,” says Jennifer Schloth, PA-C at Marmur Medical. After you’ve built up a tolerance, you can slowly transition to the red cloths.

While these cloths work magic from the neck down, it’s important to avoid using them on your face, where the skin is much more sensitive to micro-tears and damage, according to recent studies—which is why many dermatologists recommend chemical exfoliants that provide a far more gentle form of exfoliation. Also, Schloth recommends replacing your washcloth every three weeks to prevent overgrowth of bacteria (if you use loofahs, the same rule applies).

For best results, wait a few minutes in the shower before using these washcloths, as the steam will soften the skin and make it easier to slough away dead skin cells. Then, wet the washcloth (it shouldn’t be used dry) and scrub in circular motions on semi-wet skin (aka not soaking wet, since that would reduce the friction necessary to exfoliate). Once you’re all scrubbed and showered, finish your post-shower routine with a thick, hydrating body lotion, followed by a nourishing body oil to seal in moisture. After you’re exfoliated and moisturized, you’ll immediately start to notice how soft your skin is—thanks, TikTok!

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