We have an exclusive look at Zoë Kravitz’s new romantic action-thriller

Looking for the perfect weekend plans? We’ve got you. Zoë Kravitz’s new film, Vincent n Roxxy, hits theaters June 2nd (that’s tomorrow!) and we have an exclusive clip to help you get amped up to see it.

The movie centers around Kravitz’s character Roxxy, who meets small-town boy Vincent (played by Emile Hirsch) when he tries to save her from a near-murder. The two hit the road together, hiding out from Roxxy’s would-be killer, and eventually fall into an unexpected (but passionate!) relationship.

Take a look at the Vincent n Roxxy trailer, below. It’s pure action, complete with gun battles, chase scenes, and a very bloody Kravitz.


Are you freaking out? We are! We’re so worried about Zoë!

In this exclusive clip, though, we see a softer side of the film — the moment when Roxxy and Vincent realize there’s something between them.

[tempo-video id=”5456336730001″ account=”4607804089001″]

In the movie, written and directed by Gary Michael Schultz, Vincent and Roxxy escape to a small Louisiana town (Vincent’s hometown) while on the run from Roxxy’s tormenters in Baton Rouge. Things move along at the slow pace of a place that size and Vincent and Roxxy bond, while also starting low-key lives of their own — Roxxy as a bartender and Vincent as a mechanic.

The film proves you can never really escape your demons though, and comes to a startling conclusion. What it is, we won’t tell. But we’d be thrilled to hash it out over cocktails after you see the movie this weekend.

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