Michelle Phan explores Vietnamese cuisine in this exclusive clip from her travel diary

Michelle Phan, YouTube superstar and founder of global digital network ICON, traveled to Vietnam in order to learn more about her culture. Michelle has been sharing this life-changing trip with her fans through an amazing video diary and the latest installment has to do with food! 

One of the greatest things about traveling is being able to experience delicious, exotic dishes you might not be able to get at home. It’s also a way to connect with others. Food is, after all, one of the essential parts of life that can bring people together — no matter what country they are from. In this exclusive clip from her ICON travel series, Michelle takes us through her samplings of various types of cuisine as she explores her motherland.


Watch as Michelle grubs on several types of mouthwatering dishes, such as Vietnamese crepes, fresh grilled shrimp, and black currant and black pepper ice cream.  Be warned: You WILL get hungry! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=

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