We have an exclusive clip from the new Adam Brody movie, and it looks SO up our alley

We just got this exclusive clip from Adam Brody’s latest movie, Growing Up and Other Lies, and we are pumped to share it with you guys! This looks like just the kind of movie we will totally watch over and over on a loop.

In the movie, Jake (played by Josh Lawson), a struggling artist, decides to return to his hometown in Ohio. But before heading west he convinces his oldest friends to walk the entire length of Manhattan to recreate an epic adventure from their younger days. But as the day progresses, conflicts arise and the struggle to relive their glory days weighs on everyone.

Brody stars as Rocks, one of the friends Jake enlists to make his last outing in NYC memorable. But by opting to try and keep Jake in the city, Rocks (really solid name, BTW) drops the ball on his grown up responsibilities. In our sneak-peek clip, he tries to explain to his wife why he missed a mega-important appointment with her in order to hang with his buds.


Growing up is hard, and we’re pumped to see a movie that’s honest about the way moving into adulthood can really tear at you. It’s not a clean transition, and sometimes it’s easy to get nostalgic for days gone by. But as we’ll see in the movie, it’s never as easy as you wish it was to go back in time. Even with your closest friends.

Oh, Amber Tamblyn (who we’re obsessed with) is also in the movie. Also, the full trailer:

Growing Up and Other Lieshits theaters on March 20th!

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