Fangirl alert: Here’s a never-before-seen bonus clip from ‘Inside Out’

We have been flipping over Inside Out since before it premiered in theatres this summer. From its incredible voice acting and commentary on growing up to its sneaky way of giving us all a lesson on how depression can work, it has quickly become one of our favorite Pixar movies – which really says something, since Pixar has yet to strike out. They keep making us laugh while simultaneously tugging on our heartstrings so darn well. We’re seriously still crying over Carl and Ellie in Up, that final scene in Toy Story 3, and that scene in Inside Out involving a certain imaginary friend who cries candy and WAHHHH.

Ahem. Speaking of Inside Out, we can all finally snag a copy for ourselves this Tuesday, Oct. 13. Which means I will soon be able to watch it from the comfort of my living room and not have to deal with my husband hearing me sniffle and leaning over in the theatre to ask, “Are you crying right now!?” a little too loudly so my friends laugh and kids start to stare! HOORAY! I’ll also be able to watch the shorts LAVA and Riley’s First Date? on my TV, which is a lot bigger than my laptop screen.

And what’s even better? We have an exclusive clip from one of the bonus features of the release called “Paths to Pixar – The Women of Inside Out,” starring some of our favorite ladies who voice the main emotion characters: Amy Poehler (Joy), Mindy Kaling (Disgust), and Phyllis Smith (Sadness, though she’ll always be the fabulous Phyllis Lapin-Vance from The Office to me). In the clip, they discuss their own time growing up, challenges they’ve faced, as well as what being part of Inside Out has meant to them.

Check out the clip below – and don’t forget to grab Inside Out on Digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA) on Oct. 13 and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack Nov. 3!

(Image via Disney/Pixar)

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