That guy from “Moulin Rouge” is going to play adult Christopher Robin in Disney’s Pooh movie

In a weird casting twist that none of us saw coming, apparently Ewan McGregor is in talks to play Christopher Robin in Disney’s live-action Winnie the Pooh film. This is a thing that is happening!

It’s been  roughly a minute since we’ve gotten any news about this upcoming movie, so we’d forgotten that it’ll fall an older, workaholic version of Christopher Robin — so we’re thinking this’ll be to Winnie the Pooh what Hook is to Peter Pan — so at first we were imagining dressing Ewan McGregor up as a small child, and it was all very weird. Now that we’re past that, this is pretty exciting casting news!

In case the name Ewan McGregor doesn’t ring any bells, we can assure you you definitely recognize him from something. For one, he was Christian in Moulin Rouge.

He also played a little known character from a little known series called Star Wars. Yep, that’s right — Obi-Wan, you’re our only hope (for Christopher Robin, that we know of, anyway.)

Since Ewan McGregor has been vocally desperate to return to the Star Wars universe, we’re sad new casting news for him wasn’t that he’s been given a chance to return to his role for any of the upcoming movies…but if we can’t have more of Obi-Wan, letting Ewan McGregor helm what’s destined to be a Disney classic seems like an okay alternative.

Plus, Disney owns Lucasfilm and ergo Star Wars, so this just means Ewan McGregor is already back in the family — so maybe this is all part of a long con, on his part…only time will tell.

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