The Evil Queen’s latest curse on “Once Upon a Time” has a shocking twist, and we’re all heartbroken about it

Throughout the first five seasons of Once Upon a Time, one couple of the many, many ‘shippable relationships on the series has stood firm and secure among them all. But now, the Evil Queen’s latest curse on Once Upon a Time has dire consequences for Snow White and Prince Charming.

Snow and Charming (“Snowing,” to their fans) were the classic Disney love story on which the show was initially founded. And how could you not love them? The on-screen pair had such dazzling chemistry that their portrayers Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas adorably fell in love and started a family IRL.

Literally the very first scene of the entire series is the iconic “Charming wakes up Snow using true love’s kiss” moment – they’re the heart of the series. Despite the ups and downs (and unexpected deaths) experienced by Emma and Hook, Rumple and Belle, and Regina and Robin, “Snowing” has always seemed to be virtually unbreakable. Until now, anyway.

On tonight’s “Heartless,” the Evil Queen proved herself to be just that when she cast the worst imaginable spell on Snow and Charming – a sleeping curse, with a twist.

If you’re not caught up on OUAT, I *strongly* suggest you stop reading here if you don’t want to see spoilers.


Tonight’s episode saw the Evil Queen present Snow and Charming with a choice – surrender their shared heart or allow Storybrooke and all its inhabitants to fall to her. Courtesy of the waters from the River of Lost Souls that Rumple oh-so-helpfully was able to bring back from the Underworld and hand over to his new sorta-FWB, the Evil Queen could easily kill all of the townspeople. So, big problems, basically.

“Heartless” itself was old-school Once Upon a Time at its best – it was largely a “greatest hits of Snow and Charming” episode, heavy on flashbacks thanks to that true love sapling subplot, and very reminiscent of everything we loved most about Season 1.

In the end, Snow and Charming, confident in their love for one another, turned themselves over to the Queen in the nick of time. But rather than crush their hearts, the villain had something much more monstrous in mind. The Evil Queen preferred to torture Snow White with the same thing the Evil Queen was suffering from – terminal loneliness, for which she still blamed Snow White. Her solution? A good, old-fashioned sleeping curse.

Of course, Snow and Charming are old pros at sleeping curses by now. Charming high-tailed it to the woods, where he found sleeping Snow way back in the Season 1 flashbacks.

In a gorgeous scene intercut with the original Snowing true love’s kiss from the pilot, Charming kissed Snow once again.


And guess what? It worked, again! Snow woke up. Game, set, match, Evil Queen. Right? Um – not quite.


Literally seconds after Snow woke up, Charming suddenly collapsed. He’d fallen under the Sleeping Curse himself.


Regina used her magic to quickly suss out the Queen’s plan. Since Snow and Charming shared a heart, the curse was split between the two of them. True love’s kiss would work to lift the evil spell, but while one was awake the other would be under the cursed sleep – forever keeping them apart.

What?! Say it ain’t so, Snow!


So now, Charming is asleep and Snow is awake – and pissed off. As distressing as it is to see these two separated yet again, we’re very much looking forward to seeing Snow fight to save her husband. Badass warrior Snow, here we come!