Everything we know about ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ (because it’s happening)

Bellas, assemble! We’ve got some super awesome news. It’s been less than a month since Pitch Perfect 2 hit theaters, but it has already raked in a whopping $160.9 million and counting in domestic box office, according to Hollywood Reporter. And now, we know that Pitch Perfect 3 is seriously happening. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

There was a bit of confusion earlier in the year when LA Times reporter Amy Kaufman tweeted that Rebel Wilson told her that there will, indeed, be a third film, and that she has signed on to be in it.

However, according to ET, Rebel’s co-stars, Brittany Snow and Anna Camp, were totally thrown off guard by this:

This all happened before the studio had even confirmed that Pitch Perfect 3 is happening, so we were a little confused, especially since as recently as last month, Anna Kendrick told TIME that she wasn’t totally sure what was going on, either. “I’m not one to count my chickens, so I just want to see how this one does and find out if there’s an appetite for [‘Pitch Perfect 3’] before I even think about it,” she explained. “I’ll drive myself crazy.”

But now, we can happily report that a third installment will be coming to theaters: according to Hollywood Reporter, Universal and Gold Circle are moving ahead with it, and negotiations have begun with Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two films we all know and love. But what will the movie entail, if (spoiler alert!) the Bellas have all graduated from college? “I would love to see Tracy Morgan in [Pitch Perfect 3],” Cannon told Hollywood Reporter last month. “Not only because I think he’s hilarious, but I miss him and want to see him perform again.” OMG, we seriously hope this is able to happen (we miss him, too!).

It might be tricky to come up with a storyline for how the Bellas will reunite after graduating college, but what will be trickier: making deals for some of our fave stars, like Wilson and Kendrick, who were each paid $2 million for the last installment, Hollywood Reporter explains. Definitely a big increase from low six figures for Kendrick and less than $100,000 for Wilson, which is what they were paid for the first film. But can you imagine a ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ without either of them?! We certainly can’t! Unfortunately, though, Cinema Blend reports that they’re not expecting Kendrick to be on board. . . but we’ll see.

It’s also unclear whether Elizabeth Banks will be directing the film. When asked about a third installment last week, she reportedly claimed that “we’re thinking about it, we’re thinking about it very seriously. . . Of course we’re at the very beginning of that process. . . We would love to spend more time with these characters that everyone’s fallen so hard in love with.”

In conclusion: it looks like things are a little foggy right now, but we know for sure that Pitch Perfect 3 will be happening, Rebel will almost definitely be on board, and it sounds like it’s high on Banks’ to-do list. Now, aca-scuse us, but we’re gonna celebrate.

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