Everything you should be telling yourself when you start a new job

Monday was a momentously magical day for me because… I started as a Staff Writer at HelloGiggles!! Now (like right now), I’m in an office with other humans. Strictly speaking, I’m no longer sitting in bed, wearing boxers and an oversized t-shirt, and I’m definitely not basking in the glory of my introversion.

Luckily, everyone at HelloGiggles is a beacon of angelic kindness and working here is just as amazing as you imagine it to be. However (ugh), my anxiety is still REALLY REAL and starting a new job has transformed my brain into this GIF:


To deal with the tsunami of feels that has been washing over me since Day 1, I’ve been doing what I do best: pretending to be an optimist. I’ve been coming up with positive mantras to repeat over and over and over again in my head as I attempt to distract myself from my fear of change. If you, too, are in the New Job territory, then I’d be more than happy to offer you these repeat-worthy slogans:

It’s okay to be awkward.

Awkwardness is isolating. It’s the type of quality that, when it attaches itself to you, you end up feeling as though you are the only person on the planet who’s awkward. Yet, that is most definitely notthe case. We are all human and, therefore, we are all awkward. Awkwardness is universal. Awkwardness should, in fact, be a synonym for normality.

You don’t have to know everything right away.


We live in a world where we’re expected to know everything and to know everything fast. When you apply this constricting philosophy to a new job, things can get overwhelming. “I don’t know where the kitchen is” can suddenly turn into “I don’t know anything and I am the ultimate failure.” Even so, we all have to take a moment to admit that this way of thinking is INSANE. I mean, you just started a new job – you’re not a wizard or anything.

Asking a ton of questions is not annoying (and IS totally expected).

Though you’re the newbie, everyone else around you was once the newbie at some point. This means that they can sympathize with your predicament and understand that you have a laundry list of questions building up in your brain. In turn, this gives you the freedom to ask anything and everything. There’s no such thing as a stupid question and there’s no such thing as an annoying question when you’re simply learning and growing and trying something new.

It will take you time to adapt.


Every second of every day is a moment of adaptation. Things change and, thus, we change. Yes, change can be terrifying and can leave you feeling like you’re riding a rollercoaster, but here’s the thing about rollercoasters: they have to stop eventually. And when they do stop, you’ll be ready to walk on even ground once more.

It’s totally okay if you have a bad first day.

If you’ve had a great first day at work, please tell us your secret. After all, the premise of a first day at work is one that can easily take a turn for the worse. You’re in a new building, meeting new people, doing new things, jumping head first into the Unknown. Of course things aren’t going to be perfect!

You earned this.


Um, Hello! You got a new job! That. Is. Amazing. Do you know how hard it can be to get a job?! In other words: You’ve earned your position. You are not an imposter who somehow tricked the people who hired you. You proved your worth and someone believed in your potential. That’s why they hired you and want you to be on their team. Take a moment to feel proud of yourself and to remember that you are where you are for a reason.

Don’t be too hard on yourself.

When you start a new job, you are essentially opening a new chapter in the Novel of Life. You have no idea what the next few pages will hold, but the suspense is still killing you. You want to know what’s going to happen, you want to mentally prepare yourself for every potential outcome. Yet, unfortunately friends, that is impossible. You have to take everything as it comes and leave room for mishaps. After all, how else will you learn to be better?

Remember to eat.


If you spend some/all of your first day at work sitting at your desk and trying to process everything, you are not alone. No matter how old you are, a new job will be scary and anxiety-inducing. In spite of this, you must remember to eat. Food makes everything better. Find out where your office kitchen is and explore the options. Sustain yourself in spite of being in the face of apprehension!

Even the most intimidating people are very human.

You are going to encounter people who intimidate you on your street, in your daily life, and especially at your new job. You don’t know everyone yet and will probably make assumptions. You’ll meet someone and will instantly freeze, feeling as though you’ve lost the ability to communicate. But remember: they are human, too. Their brain freezes up and they get intimidated and their stomach also buzzes with nervous butterflies… unless they’re a robot.


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