Every single thing by this rad artist will have you shouting #GirlPower

Laura Callaghan is one of those artists who just knows your soul. The South East London-based Irish illustrator creates totally killer works with sharp lines, bright colors, and girls with some serious attitude. We’re very much all about it.

The massive amounts of #GirlPower vibes in her work makes us feel unstoppable. We love depictions of ourselves in our natural habitats, created not for a male gaze but instead created to reflect us as we truly are: messy and neat, popping pimples and plucking brows, stealing snacks from our squad and taking selfies. Women — as we know but as we usually don’t see in art and media — are full, well-rounded people, and Callaghan’s work shows that.

Laura graduated with a MA in illustration from Kingston University six years ago, and has since produced dozens of absolutely *beautiful* hand drawn illustrations using a mixture of watercolor, indian ink and isograph pen. We nabbed a few of our faves to get you just as hooked as we are.

This Bey-inspired piece

Will we ever stop listening to Lemonade? Strong no.

This illustration bursting with style

We *need* those glasses, ASAP.

This sunning queen

Really, though, don’t forget sunscreen.

This beauty looking at other beauties for inspo

Because we appreciate beauty beyond our own.

This stunner showing off the daily struggle

Because #BrowGoals don’t happen without hard work and dedication.

This brave talent

We love succulents enough that we want to cuddle ‘em, too.

This serious squad

We wanna round up our besties and beg Laura to draw us, too.

This recognition that girls get acne, too

No shame in our zit game.

This talented yogi

Talk about multi-tasking.

This cool plant lover

The lippie. The hair. We can’t.

This ~bathing beauty~

Because nothing is supposed to clear your mind like a bath… and yet we always worry the whole time.

This Mask Monday-devotee

Time to hit up our sheet mask collection.

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