Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From The Olsen Twins

Our wonderful Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen turn 29 today, so obviously they deserve a lesson plan. I have loved them from Michelle Tanner all the way through their many, many movies. In fact, I can not let a single negative word go by in the spirit of the Olsen ladies. These are my girls, always and forever. With no further ado…

EINTKILF Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen 

1. Denim rules. 
Not just in their movies, but in real life, the Olsen twins have always rocked denim. TBH, I am not the biggest denim fan of all time, but I have always loved the way the twins wear their baby blues.

2. Be yourself.
You know, twins probably have it rough because everyone thinks they are the same person and everyone assumes they have the same interests and the same style and everything, but I feel like when the Olsen twins really started to come into their own, it was an eye opening experience for me (and likely everyone). As real-life adult women, Mary-Kate and Ashley have very much become their own people in the public realm. And that is awesome.

3. Age ain’t nothing but a number.
You know, ’cause Mary-Kate is engaged to an older guy, but who cares?! Love is love, and I have dated some idiots my own age, so who is even to say what works and what doesn’t?

4. Reunions are important.
Like in New York Minute…for a New York Minute.

I don’t know if you guys know, but seriously, the Full House cast are all still super tight and hang out all the time. I know that sounds like I am making it up, but I am pretty serious about it. It seems like maybe the Olsen twins are not always in on these reunions, but regardless, they are always a part of the Tanner family in our minds and our hearts.

5. You can sell your brother.


6. Fraternal twins can still look super similar.

Basically this lesson is here to remind you guys that the Olsen twins are not identical. But who can tell the difference?! Well, I can, and not just because Mary-Kate usually has reddish hair, but because I am their long lost triplet (HA! I totally do not look like them). And speaking of triplets, little sis Elizabeth Olsen could be theirs, and also, I kinda liked Godzilla, if that’s cool.

7. The definition of true romance.
(From It Takes Two)

Diane: Besides, you don’t want to be an orphan forever.
Amanda: So adopt me, why don’t you!
Diane: They won’t let me adopt you on my salary; besides, you deserve a mother and a father.
Amanda: So, get a husband.
Diane: It’s not like buying a car, you know.
Amanda: I know. It’s got to be that can’t-eat, can’t-sleep, reach-for-the-stars, over-the-fence, World Series kind of stuff, right?
Diane: Hey, a girl’s got to have her standards.

…I mean, I don’t care about sports, but Amanda is a bonafide romantic with that description.

8. Prince William ain’t do it right, if you ask me. 
…if I was him, I woulda Mary-Kate and Ashley.

9. There is not a good twin / bad twin.
Remember in Full House, when confused amnesiac Michelle has her weird alter-ego conscience be her guide? Even though I loved that story line, I still believe that twins do not have to be polar opposites in behavior.

10. Twins aren’t scary.
I watched The Shining when I was far too young (8 years–thanks Ma), and I have been afraid of the concept of movie twins (not real twins!) ever since. Everything is okay though, because Mary-Kate and Ashley have been my girls since I was born, and they do not scare me. (Neither do Tia and Tamera.) That being said, happy birthday to the prettiest, and most interesting, and fashion forward, and nostalgic twins ever.

xoxoxo and happy birthday, beauties!

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