Everything I need to know, I learned from Luna Lovegood

When I first read the Harry Potter series, I really, really loved approximately 10-ish characters. I grew to love the questionable ones like Draco Malfoy and Severus Snape, and I grew to love the underrated ones like most of the professors, and peoples’ parents. But I always loved Luna Lovegood. Guys, it’s in the name. Luna Lovegood is, IMHO, one of the most underrated major characters in the series. She is weird, wise, and warm — three things we truly need in our lives. So, it’s long overdue that I tell you that . . .

EINTKILF Luna Lovegood

1. Rock your own style. 
Even before the movies came out, it was clear that Luna really had her own vibe going. Luna’s brand is super specific — she is a weirdo, and people don’t like her, because people don’t understand her. Besides the fact that her father owns a newspaper full of wizarding conspiracies, Luna dresses kinda strangely. But you know, what? Strange is wonderful, even (and maybe especially) when we’re talkin’ clothes.

2. Have a sense of humor. 
Luna really has something special about her. I mean, Luna has plenty of special things about her, but specifically, Luna has a really great sense of humor. Luna openly cracks up at things like Ron’s impression of Goyle — particularly the line “Baboon’s backside.” Beyond even that, she tends to view the world in a way that’s a bit more lighthearted than the rest of the lot, especially considering that she has seen her fair share of terrible things.

3. Conspiracies aren’t awful. 
Speaking of The Quibbler, Luna’s father has taught his daughter a whole lot about things that may or may not be true. Notably, Luna tells Harry that the Minister of Magic is a vampire, and also encourages him to avoid becoming an Auror because they are a part of the Roftang Conspiracy. Yeah, Luna sounds totally crazy, but some of The Quibbler’s conspiracies were not all that far off, and that particular paper was the first one to let Harry’s real voice be heard. Don’t always believe what you read, kiddos.

Yes, J.K. Rowling knew exactly what she was doing.

4. Honesty is the best policy. 
One of the reasons everyone thought Luna was so “Loony” is because she has a wonderful way of just calling people out. If things are awkward, or if her day is mediocre, Luna will let you know. Wouldn’t it be so refreshing to have people just out and out say what they mean? Come to think of it, that quality really isn’t all that loony.

5. Consolation is important.
Harry and Luna’s friendship is not a big mystery. She understands him on a level that no one else (save Neville) really can. Luna is there for Harry plenty of times, whether it be to escort him to an event, or simply to make him feel better about something.

6. Love your friends. 
Though it was completely passed over in the film version, it is important to note that Luna decorated her bedroom ceiling with the faces of Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Neville. Do any of us love our friends enough to want to look at them as we fall asleep?! No, but Luna takes loving your friends to a whole new level. What a gal.

7. Root for what you love. 
Luna Lovegood, very much a Ravenclaw, wore a Gryffindor headdress to support her friends on the opposing team. Though Ravenclaw and Gryffindor have always had a bit of a camaraderie, wearing anyone else’s house colors is a little unheard of. But Luna loves what she loves, so bug off.

8. Respect the dead. 
Oh OK, so a thing you should know about me is that Dobby was like my favorite character (OK, one of my favorite characters) throughout the entire series. When the movies first came out and everyone was calling him Jar Jar Binks, I felt personally victimized. Dobby meant so much to me, and when he died (Spoiler ALERT), I had to put the book down because I was crying too hard. Similarly, but with an air of WAY COOLER, Luna was the first to really step up and be there for Dobby during his memorial service. Obviously Harry was too overcome with losing the 3998393823th person in his life, so Luna siad a few incredible words, thanking Dobby for rescuing her from the cellar.

Cool, I’m crying now.

9. Embrace the weird.
I mentioned it a trillion times already, but it is really important to be your true, weird self. I have a solid feeling that most of us have now embraced or weirdness, especially because online communities help introduce us to plenty of other weirdos just like us, but it is hard to be out there with your weirdness as a kid. Luna was a little child, but she had no problem wearing weird earrings and talking openly about things that may or may not exist. It is really important to just be yourself, and also to . . .

10. Never care what others think.
Everyone was mean to Luna until Ginny and Neville, and then Harry and the gang came in and accepted her. Luna never cared, though. She was always just going to be who she was. Our fearless leader Rowling even said it herself:

And that is how we should all be.

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