Everything You Need to Know About Aquaman

Even though the wounds are still fresh from Sunday, I do have some good news for all you Game of Thrones fan-girls and guys! Khal Drogo has been reincarnated in the form of Aquaman. At least, that’s the latest news on Jason Momoa. Apparently he got a little cranky when reporters asked him about his future role in the Man of Steel sequel, and (back in May) Momoa denied having anything to do with Aquaman. However, Hitfix has recently confirmed his role as Aquaman, so move over, Superman!

If you need an Aquaman refresher, here are some notes from Aquaman 101:

Who was Aquaman During the Golden Age?

At first, Aquaman was portrayed as a small-time fish lord of sorts. He could breathe underwater and control fish for up to a minute (hey, better than most of us). He spoke to fish in their language, because duh, and he lived in a wrecked fishing boat.

In the 1940s and 1950s, he battled Nazi U-boat commanders, as well as other ocean intruders, like pirates and sailors with bad intentions.

Who was Aquaman During the Silver Age?

Aquaman’s character got an upgrade, which is a good thing. First of all, he was appointed a side-kick, who was an octopus named Topo. Aquaman also became a real person, not just a hero persona. He was Arthur Curry, son of a lighthouse keeper and Atlanna, a water-breathing outcast from the lost city of Atlantis. Because of the sea powers that ran through his veins, Aquaman slowly unveiled his superpowers, which included surviving underwater, communication with marine life, and crazy swimming skillz. Like most heroes who possessed hero abilities, he utilized them to defend others and take on the role as protector of peace.

Aquaman finally graduated from fish whisperer to fish telepath. Water became a key component to his survival; if Aquaman was away from water for more than an hour, he would die.

Aquaman Kept Progressing

Most comic book characters keep changing: their powers shift and grow stronger, they gain enemies and allies, and their personality becomes more and more complex. For example, in the mid-80s, Aquaman is temporarily anointed as the leader of the Justice League of America. In 1989, he learns of Orm’s existence. Orm is the future Ocean Master, who is actually Arthur’s half-brother, who also hates Aquaman. Later, he is held hostage by the city of Poseidonis, where he meets Vulko, who teaches him the ways of this city. He also ends up meeting, and marrying Mera.

In the ‘90s, Aquaman is given a new look: he goes rustic, sporting long hair and a beard. He also loses a hand when an evil foe, Charybdis steals his power to communicate with fish and forces him to throw his hand into a pool of piranhas. This really upsets Aquaman, obviously, but since he’s a badass, he attaches a harpoon spearhead to his left arm to replace his human hand. Did you hear that, Jaime Lannister? That’s what true warriors do. Okay, he eventually replaces it with a prosthetic hand, but still.

Let’s also talk about why Jason Momoa is the perfect Aquaman.

Okay, first of all, Jason is from Hawaii, so he probably has spent a lot of time in water. He’s also the nephew of pro-surfers Brian Keaulana and Rusty Keaulana. He doesn’t speak sea-creature, but he did live in Paris for awhile, where he took up art. He also studied Buddhism in Tibet.

Shortly after Jason Momoa was discovered, he appeared in Stargate: Atlantis, which is weirdly fortuitous, considering Aquaman has Atlantis origins. He was also in Baywatch Hawaii, so there you go. MORE WATER. At this point, I think Jason IS Aquaman.

Momoa is known for his rugged, warrior-braided character in Game of Thrones, so aesthetically speaking, he fits the bill for Aquaman. Plus, he’s Jason Momoa and I don’t know about you, but I’ve missed his macho swagger, and I’m excited to see him in a new role!

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