Everything we know about the third Bridget Jones movie so far

Bridget Jones, our mutual soul sister and hero, will possibly, maybe be hitting the big screen again (somewhat) soon. And we could not be more excited. Whether Bridget is falling for bad boys, worrying she will die alone and be eaten by dogs, or just having the dandiest time ever with the wonderful Mark Darcy, we will always love her rambunctious ways.

The third Bridget Jones film, which is supposed to be based off of Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, experienced some initial difficulties with production. According to Hollywood Reporter, some felt that Renee Zellweger was not right for the part anymore (BLASPHEMY), and others weren’t sure how they could construct a viable plot.

In the third book (SPOILER ALERT), Mark Darcy is killed in a land-mine explosion in Sudan, and Bridget is left as a widow with two kids. This is kind of really, super grim, and just the thought of no Colin Firth is already making me very, very upset. In the book, she’s a writer, and is still talking to Daniel Cleaver, because she’s Bridget and of course she is. Right now, we don’t know what they’re going to do with Mark Darcy, but I think I can speak for all of us when I ask beg the producers and writers to keep Colin Firth.

To add to this mounting confusion and worry, Hugh Grant has recently told Free Radio that he “decided not to do it.” As in, not be in the movie at all. He added, “But I think they’re going to go ahead and do it without Daniel. The book’s excellent, by the way, but the script is completely different —well, the script as I saw it a few years ago.”

Will the third Bridget Jones movie ever be made? Why must you pull our heart strings so? To help us cope, here’s one of our favorite scenes from Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason:

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