Everything we know so far about Chris Pratt’s next big movie

There’s a lot of Chris Pratt talk swirling around the movie rumor mill, especially when it comes to the projects he may or may not be signing on for. While some of them might be far from true (like the fact that he’s been tapped to play Indiana Jones in a potential remake), we can confirm that this news on his latest project is very, VERY real.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Pratt has signed on for what looks like a super interesting period piece called The Real McCoy — which means we’ll definitely get to see people donning era-appropriate clothes! The project was in high demand by a lot of different studios — no doubt due to Pratt’s rising status as box-office leading man. While there’s still a lot we may not know about the film, here’s what we DO know so far.

Chris Pratt will play the titular role, based on the true story of a man named William “Bill” McCoy.

Bill McCoy (to whom the term “the real McCoy” is often attributed) was an infamous bootlegger and sea captain who gained a reputation for smuggling liquor from the Bahamas to the Eastern Seaboard. Ironically, though he was known as a rum runner, McCoy was in fact a teetotaler that never once partook in his own cargo. If historical photos of the real man himself are anything to go off of, we’re already enjoying ourselves picturing Pratt in his wardrobe.

BTW this is what the real “real McCoy” looked like:

The film will be set in Prohibition-era Florida.

McCoy might have been dodging the law, but he was an honorable man — at least, he prided himself on not bribing politicians or law enforcement officials to try and avoid the heavy fines and prison time that came with the crime of bootlegging. He also sold uncut, or “clean” liquor — which may have contributed to the phrase “the real McCoy” being used in tandem with his product.

There’s a great writer attached to the script.

While screenwriter Bill Dubuque may not have many other films under his belt, he’s responsible for co-writing 2014’s The Judge starring Robert Duvall and Robert Downey, Jr. and he’s also penning the script for a film coming out in 2016 called The Accountant. It seems like this writer will definitely bring the gravitas and accessibility needed.

This will definitely be a departure away from Chris Pratt’s acting history.

The Real McCoy is being slated as a thriller, which is pretty exciting news. It’s not going to be anything like the sci-fi or action films that Pratt is starting to gain notice for — and frankly, we’re looking forward to seeing him cut his teeth on some darker material.

No news yet on when The Real McCoy will be in theaters, but you can bet we’ll be there in line on opening day!

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