Everything I Need to Know, I Learned From Rose Dewitt Bukater

Little did you guys know, or maybe you guys do know this, but I am a huge fan of Titanic.

Just kidding. There is not a single living human that doesn’t know that. At this point, my name should be listed in the credits.

But what you may not know is that my very first official EINTKILF was about Titanic. So, it’s been awhile! And since it was Kate Winslet’s birthday on Saturday (happy birthday, queen of the world!), I thought it was about time to revisit my lovvvvvve(s).

EINTKILF Rose DeWitt Bukater

1. Red hair = feisty.
Okay maybe it is not fair to credit this lesson to just Rose, but since her character truly did shape this young woman, I feel she should claim partial responsibility. (The other half goes to Lucille Ball / Lucy Ricardo.) I grew up idolizing woman with red hair, and they were always sassy, and confident, and beautiful. Rose is certainly that–since she had her whole life planned out for her. It only took one tragic cruise ship experience to teach her that we need to make each day count.

2. Don’t judge a (rich) girl by her money.
Similar to not judging a book by its cover, Rose quickly teaches Jack not to judge her because she grew up with (or at least near) dollah bills, y’all.

“What, you think a first class girl can’t drink?”

That is my favorite thing to say upon consuming pretty much any beverage, however I’m simply kidding myself. No one thinks I am a first class girl.

And she knows what ice fishing is.

3. It takes more than a $20.
Seriously Cal. Pay up when someone saves your woman’s life.

I still don’t know how being invited to a dinner party with a bunch of narcissists is better than a $20 bill, but to each their own, Jack.

4. Art > Diamonds.
Jack Dawson literally wins Rose’s heart with the lead drawings of various women around the world created on cheap ol’ paper that he carries around in a tattered leather notebook. She literally has a 56 carat fancy blue diamond with her name on it and she is won over by a homeless artist.

Not that I don’t think Cal is a jerk and everything, but can you imagine the 2013 version of Jack Dawson? I always fall in love with the talented pauper types. They never last.

But girls, I get it. A true Jack Dawson type is even more rare than a flawless fancy blue diamond. Sigh.

5. Moms are the worst.
Poor Rose has just about the best bad example of an overbearing mother. Ruth is forcing Rose into her marriage to Cal because their family needs his money since Papa Dewitt Bukater bailed on them. That’s right–they are simply faking it until they make it. Personally, I have always assumed Cal and Ruth were secretly sleeping together which makes for a much more interesting scandal. I don’t know why Ruth didn’t marry Cal herself–especially after they both survived the Titanic’s sinking. Well, I think Ruth survived. I always wondered if Rose *called her up again.

*Were phones invented by 1912? Too lazy to Google.

6. You jump, I jump, remember?

I have nothing else to say that that picture cannot tell you.

7. Only you can save yourself.

Rose: It’s not up to you to save me, Jack.
Jack: You’re right… only you can do that.

And you know what Rose does? She saves her damn self. She goes after her man, ditches her past repressed life, and teaches herself how to be happy. Even after Jack dies, we have proof that Rose goes on (and on and on) and lives her life. As we all should.

8. How to do this:

She is the coolest.

9. Take risks.
Ona serious note, Rose is a really fantastic character. As aforementioned, she really does change her own life. She decides that living a life that she has no interest in is really not the right decision to make as a teenage girl. (I know it’s hard to believe Rose is that young!) I am always preaching this lesson, and I am almost positive Rose influenced this mindset: do not remain unhappy. Never let anyone else control your happiness. It is your life to live, and I know I sound like a fortune cookie, but I truly believe that. Don’t like your job? Quit. Unhappy in your relationship? Leave him/her. Hate your roommates? Sublease. Find a new place. Travel the world. Move to a new state. Meet new people. Go on ferris wheels. Ride horses. Spit like a man.

Do whatever it takes to make yourself happy.

10. Never let go.
No, you guys, when Rose says that she will never let go, she does not mean “of his physical body,” she means she will never let go of the promise that she makes to Jack. And she obviously doesn’t ever let go. She goes on and survives and never gives up, no matter what happened, no matter how hopeless she felt. She dies an old lady warm in her bed just like she promised Jack because she NEVER LET GO. 

I hate when people make that letting go of his dead body joke. It’s like the least funny thing in the world to me.

I am so loyal to James Cameron.

Happy birthday, Kate Winslet. And to Rose Dewitt Bukater, you may be fictional, but you shaped me. And thanks for that.

Featured image via fanpop, Rose drinking image via weheartit, Heart of the Ocean image via static.guim.co.uk, “you jump, I jump” image via blacknbougie, Rose’s framed pictures via thefilmsthething.

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