Our Hopes and Dreams for the ‘Scandal’ Clothing Line

Any Scandal fan knows that half the fun of watching the show is drooling over Olivia Pope’s enviable wardrobe. And anyone who’s ever tried to buy any of her clothes knows that everything she wears is incredibly expensive (what exactly does a “fixer” get paid, anyway?).

But wait, there’s good news for gladiators on a budget. The Limited is releasing a collection this fall, based on Scandal, and pieces start at just $49. Below, some of my favorite items from Olivia’s closet that I hope make it into the collection.

A white trench coat is an Olivia Pope staple.

A ginormous cozy sweater? Yes, please.

This is a slightly girlier coat for Olivia, and I adore it.

I want this sweater, and then I want someone to teach me how to drink red wine in it without spilling.

This is Olivia’s idea of casual, and like everything else she wears, it is flawless. Long gloves, jeans, sweater, boots you should not be allowed to run in unless your secret boyfriend, the President, is near death.

In the alternate version of my life where I’m a magazine editor in New York, this is what I would wear to the office.

I would like this outfit, as well as the confidence to go around wearing elbow length gloves like it’s no big deal.

It wouldn’t be a Scandal fashion line without a power suit.

Not everyone can pull of wide leg, high-waisted pants like Olivia, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try.

The next time I’m invited to a black tie gala attended by many heads of states, this is what I would wear.

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