Here’s why everyone is talking about this latest hair trend

If you get your hair colored professionally or touch it up at home, then you know what a pain it can be — and how frequently you have to do it. Ugh, hair. How it grows and grows. Well, now there’s an easier option for us ladies and dudes who dye our hair. It’s called “lived-in color” and it’s one of the raddest hair trends that lets you live that carefree hair life.

Celebrity colorist Johhny Ramirez based in Beverly Hills and New York City created the look, which, according to The Cut is “a subtle, enduring way of highlighting your hair that he insists is neither balayage nor ombré.” In fact, the aesthetic seems to be a combination of styles to make your ‘do look as natural as possible. The Cut describes “lived-in color” perfectly: “Made-up words like bronde or blondette best describe the effect. The end of a strand will look ashy blonde, the one next to it, ashy brunette, and the root, a solid brown. But seen a step back, these strands somehow work together to form a hair waterfall of color,” adding that Ramirez uses a “blurring” technique to perfect the look.

It’s such an effective color-styling technique that Refinery29 insists you would only need to visit the salon twice a year. Um, we want in please.

Here’s what “lived-in color” really looks like:

While Ramirez seems to bring out a lighter, blonder color in darker hair, the beachy hair style is still versatile and plays with caramel, sunset tones, too — and it brings out the vivacity and brightness of your natural hair. We totally dig it.

(Images via Instagram, The Cut)

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