Everyone on Twitter made the exact same joke during yesterday’s giant Comcast outage

Yesterday, June 29th, Comcast users all across the country experienced major internet outages. The disruption was apparently caused by cut and disrupted fiber optic cables at two specific “infrastructure companies.” Not only did the fiasco remind us just how fragile the internet truly is, but it was also downright annoying for every single person affected (many offices ceased to function for several hours of the day).

As expected, many took to Twitter to air their internet-related grievances (the word “Comcast” is still trending, almost a full 24 hours later). And also as expected, tons of people were making the exact same joke about the “dire” situation. Le sigh.

Take a look:

Like we said, le sigh. Of course, there were plenty of other jokes to be had (and we’re not mad about it):

Suffice it to say, we’re more than happy that the internet is back up and running, and we seriously hope this doesn’t happen again for a VERY long time.

Internet, we need you and we love you — please never leave us. And Twitter…let’s try to keep it fresh, okay?

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