For every “Stranger Things” fan, you can now create your own Christmas Light message

Sweeping the nation like a sci-fi mystery plague of goodness, Stranger Things is the current TV obsession many of us are using to fill our binge-watching void. And while all kinds of information has already leaked about next season (yes, there will be a second season, rejoice!), we still can’t get over how GREAT this freshman season has been.

While the stars of the show are also becoming a slight obsession of ours, we can’t help but delve back into the creepy-awesome world inside Hawkins, Indiana.


And because Netflix loves us A LOT, they’re helping us do just that with this REALLY AMAZING site that will actually create your very own, personalized, Christmas-light message gif.


And here’s how it works…

Step 1: Enter your text (20 characters max!).

Step 2: Click “create” and wait for the magic over this nifty analog noise.

Step 3: Download your GIF and EN.JOY.



And it looks like tons of fans have been having WAY too much fun with this.

(“Enjoy your burrito.”)

(“Don’t bore Nina.”)

Now go forth and create your very own message!!!

Here’s the link!

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