Everyone is talking about Andra Day’s outfit at the 2018 Grammys

The fashion at the Grammys is known for being fun, unique, and super creative — and it’s undeniably one of the best things about the award show. This year at the 2018 Grammys was no exception, and of course, some stars stood out more than others. One was singer Andra Day, whose outfit on the red carpet has pretty much everyone talking.

Seriously, people can’t stop analyzing this look. Day showed up looking seriously amazing in a lilac tuxedo gown with a super high slit and bright red trimming and matching buttons. Her hair was just as fierce in a high bouffant updo, and she didn’t stop there: She added layers of necklaces, sparkling earrings, and glittery purple eye makeup. It was definitely a big lewk, but Day pulled it off with confidence. We’re more than a little impressed.

Viewers had a lot of thoughts about Day’s ensemble. They pointed out the nostalgia factor of her look, which definitely had a ’90s or ’80s vibe to it (aka a huge part of what made it so fun).

Some felt that she was channeling Ivana Trump from the ’90s:


Others thought it was all Rihanna:

Some thought of her look as a combination of Rihanna and Amy Winehouse:


But this comparison to Tyra Banks has to be the best one:


Whoever you think she looks like, you have to admit that Day killed it on the red carpet. And on the stage, too: Day was one of the women who joined Kesha during her performance of “Praying.” As part of the chorus, Day sang along with Kesha and helped give the most powerful performance of the night. We can’t wait to see her next move.

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