16 million people have watched this couple talk about their breakup, and now the hashtag #HurtBae exists

Over 16 million people have watched Kourtney and Leonard, an everyday couple that has recently broken up, speak honestly about how their relationship came to an end and how Leonard’s infidelity affected Kourtney. In a positively heartbreaking 6-minute video from The Scene that’s been retweeted more than 151,000 times, you can watch these two brave individuals bare their souls to each other. The video went viral, as did the hashtag #HurtBae, because nobody can get over how much pain Kourtney has had to endure.

Watch if you dare. And maybe have a few tissues nearby.

Leonard has cheated on Kourtney multiple times, so many times, in fact, that he lost count. While he seems pretty detached from the whole situation (which the Internet is not forgetting anytime soon), Kourtney is so emotional she has to actually get up from her chair halfway through and take a break. It’s no wonder she earned the nickname #HurtBae.

At one point Kourtney says, “I forgave you.” Leonard asks, “Why?” “Because you’re my best friend,” Kourtney replies. Our hearts shattered into a million pieces.

Perhaps the most memorable part of the video is how unemotional Leonard seems. To his credit, he does apologize at the end and says, “I hope in the future we can remain good friends, and I get a chance to see you grow into the woman that you’re becoming.” But still, his face stayed pretty stoic from start to finish. Folks on Twitter had a few things to say about it. false

Pretty much everyone on the Internet got behind Kourtney to support her. She has over 50,000 followers now on Twitter, and she posted this yesterday. false

We’re happy for you, girl. Sounds like it might be time to retire #HurtBae, or at least give the nickname to someone else.