This is Sephora’s top-selling moisturizer, and people are going nuts over it

The latest product that’s flying off Sephora’s digital shelves might just be the epitome of luxury. Since its April 1st launch, Tatcha The Water Cream oil-free moisturizer has sold out twice on Sephora’s website. It’s now’s #1 selling moisturizer. People everywhere are going nuts for it, and we want some for ourselves!

This Tatcha product is an oil-free, anti-aging “water cream,” as Sephora’s website states. It’s packed with Japanese nutrients, botanicals, and charged with hydration. It supposedly erases pores while giving your skin a glow with 23-karat gold particles.

23-karat gold? Okay, we’re sold. Hand over a jar, Sephora.

The description of The Water Cream on Sephora’s website states,

"Japanese wild rose visibly tightens pores and smooths skin texture; Japanese leopard lily helps control excess oil and purify skin by supporting natural skin turnover; and hadasei-3—an anti-aging trinity of green tea, rice, and algae—restores healthy-looking radiance."

It honestly sounds good enough to eat!

If you’re the type of consumer who needs to have a product endorsed by gurus, then we’ve got you covered. The Water Cream has been positively talked about by YouTube influences Ingrid Nilsen, Desi Perkins, Patrick Starr, and Nicol Concilio.

Makeup artists Mario Dedivanovic and Daniel Martin have also been raving about The Water Cream and using it on clients for the spring season.

A 1.0 oz jar of The Water Cream goes for $68, which might be a bit pricey for the average person. But when you buy a full-sized Tatcha skincare item, the proceeds will fund a day of school for girls through Tatcha’s Beautiful Faces, Beautiful Futures partnership with Room to Read.

You’ll get amazing skin while doing something amazing for girls’ education. If that, plus all of the above, doesn’t sell you on The Water Cream, then we don’t know what will! Check out your local Sephora or order a jar off of Sephora’s website to try The Water Cream for yourself.


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