Every day is a party with these Drake balloons

It’s safe to say that a good number of us fantasize about Drake coming to our birthday party. No? Well, close your eyes and imagine if you will: you’re decked out in full fiesta glam, slicing up your pizza cake and having a blast, when suddenly the door swings wide open and it’s none other than Champagne Papi himself.

He looks you straight into the eye, takes your hand and you suddenly find yourself lifted up in the air just like in the scene from Dirty Dancing. SIGH. Well, the chances of that happening for any of us are slim, but at least we can have the NEXT best thing to having Drizzy in the flesh: BALLOONS WITH HIS FACE ON THEM. Are these not amazing? The backside of these latex ‘lloons is printed with a reference to his song “The Catch Up” and says, “0 to 100 real quick.” You got that right, boo.

There’s also Kanye balloons, which I imagine he owns by the truckload already (love him, tho). Aaaand you can get some with Tay-Tay’s gorge face on them, as well as the Barefoot Contessa! Imagine these four at an actual party together. Sounds like my dream Surreal Life episode.

Balloons, $2.50 each

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