12 Liz Lemon-isms we use in everyday conversation

When you really love a TV show, it sticks with you long after the series finale airs. We continually quote our favorite shows not only because they make us laugh, but because we can’t help it — they’ve found a permanent place in our everyday vocabulary.

No TV character has left a bigger imprint on our common parlance than Liz Lemon. We find ourselves quoting her All. The. Time. She tells it like it is, and has given us fantastic ways to express happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, and hunger. Here are some of our favorite Liz Lemon-isms that we use on the regular, without even realizing it.

1. I want to go to there.


This is arguably one of Liz’s best and most memorable quotes. “I want to go to there” is called back many times throughout 30 Rock’s run, and with good reason. The best part about this saying is that it applies to more than just physical locations. You can also use it to describe feelings, scenarios, time periods, people — you name it.

2. High-fiving a million angels!


Use this one however you like, because it’s versatile. Liz uses it as a self-boost when she enforces rules amongst her crew that they don’t like. But it also works when you’re high-fiving actual people for fun reasons too.

3. Blerg!


“Blerg” is the perfect word to express disdain, annoyance, and defeat. We still aren’t sure how our lives existed before it.

4. Nerds!


A followup to blerg: “Nerds” is another accurate way to express negativity.

5. Nerd rage. 


“Nerd rage” takes “nerds” one step further. It is the perfect way to convey extreme anger.

6. Working on my night cheese!


It is fully acceptable to sing “Working on my night cheese!” when you are snacking in the late hours of the night, even if you aren’t eating cheese. The ironic Snuggie is optional.

7. Dealbreaker.


Liz has a way of conveying a lot of emotion with just one word. Where she uses “Shut it down” with an air of defeat, “dealbreaker” is a stern “hell no, we’re done here.” It’s the equivalent of your mom shouting your full name at you — when you hear “dealbreaker,” you know you’re in trouble.

8. Happy Valentine’s Day, no one!


Even if you’re in a happy relationship, it wouldn’t be V-day without this mental image of Liz Lemon after the dentist. Every February, this pic is shared across Instagram, Tumblr, and group texts galore.

9. I’m Lizzing!


Quite literally, lizzing is defined as laughing and urinating (aka whizzing) at the same time. It’s basically a classy way to say that you laughed so hard, you peed your pants a little.

10. What the what?


Liz Lemon could never just say “Huh?” because those three letters don’t convey nearly enough. Not even “What?” will do. Her confusion is far too complex for simple syllables.

11. Where’s my mac ‘n’ cheese?!


Much like “Working on my night cheese,” you don’t have to actually be eating mac and cheese to use this phrase. If you’re waiting for food — any food — or missing something that you ordered, this exclamation will do just fine. Go ahead and flip a table, if you must.

12. I’m going to go talk to some food about this.


Because food is your friend, and will never do you wrong. Unless it’s the mac ‘n’ cheese that never showed.