Every Thirtysomething Woman Has A Crush on Jimmy Fallon

We thirtysomethings have claimed Jimmy Fallon as our own. We grew up with him. We watched him suppress laughter through countless SNL sketches and cheered loudly when he got promoted to the Weekend Update desk. We dragged our begrudging boyfriends to see Fever Pitch when he gave movies a whirl. And we stayed up night after night to see the next crazy thing he’d get A-list celebrities to do on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. But we’ve been the most proud watching our Jimmy take over The Tonight Show with ease, class, and most importantly, genius humor.

Then, just when we thought we couldn’t love him anymore—he goes and does that bit with Emma Stone. Fallon won the viral video contest again this week with the help of the absolutely enthralling Emma Stone in an epic lip-synching battle. He’s funny, he’s charming, he’s smart. He makes us laugh and blush at the same time. His talent, particularly when paired with our favorite celebrities (cough, Justin Timberlake) makes us weak in the knees.

Beneath our permanent grins, we have a secret. We’re in love with this funny guy. We stay up later than we should to catch a glimpse of Jimmy’s goofy grin—and once we see it, we’re glad we did. And our only solace during the day is watching and re-watching #Hashtag2 with Jonah Hill over and over and over. (It’s that funny.)

For more proof of Fallon’s charms, I polled some fellow members of the thirtysomething Jimmy fan club.

“I love Jimmy Fallon because he gets celebrities to let their guard down by goofing around with them,” says Melia Dicker. “We get to see a different side of them than usual when they’re playing games, dancing, or doing karaoke. Jimmy has a contagiously positive energy and isn’t afraid to look silly. You never know when he’s going to break into spontaneous song and dance.”

“I love Jimmy Fallon too,” chimes in long-time fan Theresa Walkpole. “I think it’s because he comes across as so relatable and seems like just a regular person, not an ‘untouchable’ celebrity,” she says.

“He’s authentic,” explains admirer Meredith DePersia. “He is extremely funny and doesn’t seem to take himself so seriously. But he has the ability to be serious when appropriate, which shows maturity.  Maturity, humor, and being cute doesn’t hurt him either. Oh, and he’s a new dad and glows talking about his daughter. What woman doesn’t love that? I heart me some Jimmy.”

And the gushing continues. “He’s relatable, down-to-earth, funny, humble,” says fan Kristi Pickeral. “I am convinced that he would be super-friendly and open if I were to approach him on the street (and I’m sure he gets approached like 10 times a day, but he would STILL be nice to everyone he meets).”

Everything they say is true, but another regular viewer, Sarah Wilson, really nails it. “I figured out Jimmy Fallon’s secret to success (besides his incomparable talent),” says Wilson. “He does everything like it’s the coolest, most amazing, most awesomest thing he’s ever done.”

Yup, Jimmy Fallon is our generation’s big winner. He did good. And we’re psyched. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a woman in her thirties who doesn’t have a soft spot for our Jimmy. He’s the #total #package.

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