Every woman needs this vagina app

When was the last time you popped a squat, grabbed a hand mirror, and had a look at your vagina? Probably a long time ago. Maybe never. There’s an app you can download that’s about to change that, though. Meet Labella, a smartphone app that lets you get up close and personal with your vagina so you can truly understand your female anatomy — because you deserve to know what’s happening down there.

Recent studies have shown that only half of women are able to point out where the vagina is on a diagram of the female reproductive system. Other studies have proven that women don’t come into contact with their own genitalia unless they’re experiencing pain, and they rarely talk about their vaginas with other women. We’ve been raised to speak very little out loud about our own anatomy, leaving us with little knowledge about what it looks like and how it functions.

All this avoidance can have serious consequences on the health of our bodies. For example, almost a third of women in the U.K. suffer from urinary incontinence, which means they occasionally experience the involuntary loss of urine. Yet they never speak about it aloud because there is a cloud of taboo that hangs over their heads when it comes to any issues with the female body.


Labella hopes to changes the conversation, encourage young women to become more familiar with their anatomy, and teach them what a healthy vagina looks and feels like so they can schedule an appointment with their doctor if something doesn’t seem right. By breaking down the societal shame around the female anatomy, maybe we will see less rates of cervical cancer, STDs, and infections. At the very least, the app will help women feel better about their own vagina.