Every one of Gal Gadot’s “Wonder Woman” red carpet outfits screams Amazonian goddess

After years of waiting, fans finally got a Wonder Woman stand-alone origin film. Not only does it looks amazing, its influence is bleeding into the red carpet fashion of Gal Gadot! So far, all of her Wonder Woman red carpet outfits scream Amazonian goddess. And we are all living for it!

It’s not every day that there is a superhero film led by a strong lady. So obviously, Gal Gadot paying tribute to her trailblazing character comes out in her red carpet fashion. Not only are her gowns incredible, her footwear is also very noteworthy. The film’s influence on fashion will most likely be seen for years!

Los Angeles premiere:

Because of the events in Manchester, the London premier of Wonder Woman was scrapped at the last minute. Instead, we got a full on production in Los Angeles — a movie heaven.


Gal is serving us red stripes and goddess silhouette all at once. And obviously having the original Wonder Woman on her arm doesn’t hurt!

Mexico City premiere:

If you thought the above photo was impressive, check out the look the Israeli beauty busted out at the Mexico City premiere.


The black silk drapes perfectly along her shape, and that deep neckline is truly fantastic. Gal is living proof that femininity and strength aren’t necessarily exclusive ideas. All this look is missing is a shield and the lasso of truth.

Shanghai press conference:


The blue color is striking. Gadot did not pair it with any jewelry besides rings, instead letting the dress do all the talking. This final look fully gives us an Amazonian goddess. It even reminds us of the outfit she wears in the film!

Can you hide a huge sword in the back of this dress too?

We cannot wait to see what other Amazonian goddess looks Gal will bust out next!

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